Louie The Camera Guy ✿


Louie Tomás is a photographer based (and blooming) in Lehigh Valley, PA with a prideful emphasis on his queer and trans humanity. With luck and good friends, sometimes he takes his camera to places like Canada and Europe!

Louie is particularly passionate about capturing joy, moments of confidence, talent, self-reflection, and tenderness. His hope is to create tangible evidence that we were here, and we lived as well as we could. 

In short: portraits, concerts, pets!

When Louie isn't behind the camera, he's behind a computer working as an Administrative Assistant... or immersed in a video game! Writing poetry and attending concerts are a couple more of his heartstrings.


Nikon Z 6II w/  24-70mm f/4 Lens


Lightroom Classic 

Have an upcoming project? Louie would love to collaborate with you! Get in touch with him using the contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more! ✿

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